{ fashion trend: body morphing }

i am always amazed by the power of art and fashion and how artists continually push the envelope to create something fresh and exciting. a new trend in fashion and photography called body morphing, creates the sculptural elements of shoulder pads and collars using a persons own body. in the spring of 2010,  photographer Marco Roso with the help of p2p Studios for the DIS Magazine created a photo shoot called Shoulder Dysmorphia .  fashionistas and fashionistos alike will appreciate the replication of the different silhouettes to the likes of Alexander McQueen, Balmain, and Lanvin.


as odd as it may seem, this look is so amazing.....okay different on skin, but imagine it in fabric!
the trend continues, as Lady Gaga demonstrated her take on body dysmorphia. during the 2011 grammy awards. Gaga was rocking pointed prosthetic shoulders and alien like mouldings on her temples and cheekbones! she even carried out the look below on the cover of her single born this way.

{ definition }

{ noeud }  / "nu"/ : 
                  1. a bow, a knot  

{ noir } "nwar"/ :  
             1. black, dark 

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