{ i kneed a brace }

normally i enjoy sitting on the couch on a sat afternoon, but generally not with a bag of cold ice upon my left knee. the price to pay for wearing platform heels and taking an awkward step forward i suppose. i did manage to purchase a knee brace...but im less than impressed with its bland grey tone. i then started thinking, i wonder if there were more "fashion friendly" knee braces out there? it looks like it hasn't been designed yet, but i did find an editorial from dazed and confused magazine featuring kinga rajzak sporting a few floral printed bands. thanks bunny BISOUS for the blog post!







{ threadless + steven alan }

threadless tshirts teamed up with designer steven alan to look for a new pattern to adorn one of his products during new york fashion weeks "fashion night out". i tried my hands at a pattern inspired by french stained glass artist claude bettinger. you can check out and vote for my submission called electric lines.


{ the drawings on the wall }

wall paper dies, and then it comes back again, and now it resurrects in a new form. the on going trend of wall decals is a new way of adding character to your empty wall.  i came across a company called blik that features wall decals designed by illustrators and graphic designers, that base their work on fashion, art, abstract designs, foliage, and pop culture.

my absolute fav decals were created by david bray and you can check out his page on blik here and see pics below.