{ heavenly bodies }

{ st. konstantius- rorschach, switzerland }

recently i discovered a photo series by dr. paul koudounaris which features the relics of saints emblazoned with jewels and embellishments. discovered in rome, the skeletons of the saints were sent to catholic churches within europe, where they were latter adorned with jewels and intricate garments. they were on display in shrines "...as reminders of the spiritual treasures that awaited the faithful after death." some of these beautifully haunting remains have never been shown in publication until they were featured for the first time in koudounaris' book.

 { st. vincentus-stams, austria }
{ st. albertus- burgrain, germany }

                                         { st. leontius- muri, switzerland }

   {st. valentine- bad schussenried, germany }

                                       {st. valentinus- waldsassen, germany }

*additional info and photos are from: la luz de jesus gallery and buzzfeed.com