{ urban art: 21 balançoires + pause }

summer in montreal is always full of surprises, and in this chapter of urban art, i wanted to feature the concept of user interaction. i have come across two installations that invite people to stop, take a break and play!

the first was 21 balançoires (i say was because due to my late posting it has come and gone) which was a project by design team andraos & mongiat and featured 21 swings set up near place des arts. the swings had an additional element of playing music (composed by radwan ghazi-moumneh) and it was synced to the user's swing patterns. essentially you could create a musical medley with you and your friends by simply swinging back and forth.

photo taken by squeaky kleen

the second installation is called pause, created by NIPPaysage which encourages people to stop, take a break, and sit in an oversized green lawn chair. these chairs set up by mont-royal metro are so big that around 3 adults can sit comfortably at once. you appear almost like like a child as your feet dangle and barely touch the ground and you become engulfed in a field of green.