{ NARS + andy warhol collection }


being a mod girl at heart with an obsession for andy warhol, i fell in love with the new holiday collection by NARS. inspired by the bright colours of warhol's paintings, to the muses that he admired the collection is a mix of pop art fun and 1960s seduction.  the promo video for the collection really embodies the spirit of warhol's factory studio, including the use of jana, the designer (pictured above) who has a striking resemblance to his "it girl" eddie sedgwick. all photos are from NARS cosmetics.ca




{ melting pot }

whenever i see something from my childhood appear years later, a feeling of nostalgic bliss takes over me.  but when i saw sabine ducasse's amazing garments created with of perler craft beads, my emotions went into overdrive.  the 2012 collection called melting pot is an amazing eclectic combination of shape and colour.


{ spring 2013 close ups}

{ balenciaga/ spring 2013 }
now that fashion week has wrapped up for the spring 2013 season, i finally have a chance to sit back and take a look at some of my favourite pieces.  i love the details feature on style.com, and wanted to post some pics that really caught my attention.

there are even more great balenciaga close ups available through tooklookbook.com

{ balenciaga/ spring 2013 }
{ balmain/ spring 2013 }
{ alexander mcqueen/ spring 2013 }
{ chanel/ spring 2013 }

{ jean paul gaultier/ spring 2013 <grace jones inspiration, love, love, love>}

{ jean paul gaultier/ spring 2013 }

{ jean paul gaultier/ spring 2013 }

{ jason wu/ spring 2013 }

{ giles/ spring 2013 }

{ lanvin/ spring 2013 }

{ lanvin/ spring 2013 }

{ louis vuitton/ spring 2013 }

{ marc jacobs/ spring 2013 }

{ prada/ spring 2013 <its like a floating wedge> }

{ rodarte/ spring 2013 < these remind me of clouds or wings from super mario> }

{ rodarte/ spring 2013 }


{ printed walls }

a photo journal of some of the pictures i took this year, of murals and wall paintings.

{ union pool patio,  brooklyn nyc }

{ el diablo taco truck,  union pool patio }

{ nolita,  nyc }

{ williamsburg, brooklyn }

{ parc safari, quebec }


{ francis mirror }

artist constance guisset has created a series of mirrors called "francis", which look almost like portions of circular mirrors have been dyed with an explosion of colour. the mirrors and artist are featured on the website petite friture and it describes her work by saying "Francis is mirror whose pattern comes from a series of experiments making use of chromatic pigments fleeing on water, guided by a circular design..."

the pieces are so stunning, i love the subtle yet impressionable hint of colour!

{ francis: miroir de poche }

{ francis: miroir de poche }

{ francis: miroir de poche }
{ francis: miroir mural }

{ francis: miroir mural }
{ a close up }


{ bright lights, big city }

the lights are always on, both day and night in new york city.  I was in town a few weeks ago and 
decided to take a few pics of the many neon signs.

{ union pool-williamsburg }