{ sephora + pantone universe }

in the world of pantone, colour is the name of the game, and every year they celebrate a new colour. this year the colour of choice is "tangerine tango" and pantone have teamed up with sephora to create a collection of make up, nailpolish, even eyelashes inspired by the colour.

if they ever created a collection based on my favourite colour "dahlia" i would have a hard time not wearing it from head to toe.


{ the royal doll's house }

{ queen mary's bedroom }
i came across a documentary about windsor castle in england, and was amazed at the beauty of queen mary's doll house. the miniature house- a replica of the windsor castle, is over 4 feet tall and was developed and completed in 1924 by sir edwin lutyens. with intricate details such as artists' paintings, miniature appliances, toys, and even functioning plumbing and electricity...this doll's house will definitely keep barbie dreaming.  all photos belong to the royal collection 

{ the gold chandelier against the faded mint mural is stunning }

{ i love the mini singer sewing machine }

{ the king's bedroom }
{ the kings toilet that has actual running water }

{ the garden }
{ the outside view }