{ peter jensen: a/w 2011 }

i came across peter jensen's photoshoot for his fall 2011 campaign during my search of favourite items from the catwalk. inspired by 60s danish model anna karina, jensen has created a picture of a vibrant, modern day love story and simply put, it is stunning!


{ can't wait for fall }

so this post comes a wee bit too late by fashion standards but for those who rather follow trends during their current season, then this post comes early! Fall/Winter 2011 runway shows featured a few little items that I already have saved on my wish list...and even though I would love to have them right now, these are fall collections, which gives me time to save for a little while..umm, okay a long while (frown 
face). images were found on style.com

alexander wang. fall/winter 2011. new york

alexander mcqueen. fall/winter 2011. paris

balmain. fall/winter 2011. paris

burbury prorsum. fall/winter 2011. london


{ when beady eyes are smiling }

anyone that knows me, knows i am a complete anglomaniac...a term coined to describe a person whom is obsessed with british culture. from fashion, to movies, and of course music, i am a brit lover at heart and i am thrilled to have learned that oasis is back (well sorta, minus noel gallagher, but who needs all that brother rivalry stuff anyways). 

the only thing i wasn't thrilled about was how long it took me to discover their new album different gear, still speeding under the new band name beady eye.  their album has now been released in north america, and indeed those boys are still speeding. check out their single the roller below! a mix of brit pop/rock with 60s swing....this album as the brits would say, is brilliant ;)


{ old photos }

i noticed the other day i had a few photos kicking around on my phone that i really loved, but never posted, printed, or did anything with them really. the shots were taken throughout montreal at the end of the summer.