{ merry christmas to all, and too all a good night }

{ christmas decorations, my friend's apartment, 2010}

twas the night of christmas and all through the house, a creature was typing and clicking her mouse.  the last minutes of christmas she did want to enjoy, by posting her fav pics to share with fellow blogger girls and boys!

{mont royal metro, montreal, 2010} 
{shop window, montreal, 2010}
{mont tremblant, 2009}
{roller skatin snowman, new york, 2010}

{christmas tree rockerfeller center, new york, 2010}

{gingerbread men, made by my friend, 2010}
{new york city, 2010}

{store window tribute to white christmas, montreal 2011}
{ birds leaving their mark in the snow, montreal 2010}