{ muppets + OPI nail polish }

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the muppets are an example of a childhood creation that will always be culturally relevant (and dear to my heart!). these little creatures created by the late great jim henson are not only starring in a new movie this november, but have taken the music and fashion industry by storm. with the help of OPI nail polish, there is a new line of muppets themed nail colours...which i cannot wait to get! and this fall my nails will definitely be warm and fozzie!
{ fresh frog of bel air }

{ warm and fozzie }
{ excuse moi }

{ gettin miss piggy with it }
{ gone gonzo }
{ animal istic }

{ rainbow connection }



{ the style of kreayshawn }

last night i checked out a hip hop karaoke event in montreal, and this girl belted out the tunes of kreayshawn's infections song "gucci gucci. her performance reminded me of how i love the oakland native's throwback 90s hip hop style, that she oozes from her head to toe...


{ chillin' with dj lil debbie (left) of the white girl mob }                       

Kreayshawn "Gucci Gucci" from Strange Customs on Vimeo.


{ red sofa }

i came across jewellery designer joanna szkiela of red sofa at a design show in montreal, and have also seen her work at montreal's puces pop craft fair. i love the organic details and influences of nature in her work, and her belief that "jewellery is not artifice or simple accessory to be worn, but an extension of the wearer's personality in a given social context"{-insert taken from red sofa website }

{ elvish, twine }

{ elvish, aquamarine }

 { melting }

 {elvish, series of rings }

 {the molar affair }

{ tag 'n run }
 { the rook's loot }

{ together forever }