{ i kneed a brace }

normally i enjoy sitting on the couch on a sat afternoon, but generally not with a bag of cold ice upon my left knee. the price to pay for wearing platform heels and taking an awkward step forward i suppose. i did manage to purchase a knee brace...but im less than impressed with its bland grey tone. i then started thinking, i wonder if there were more "fashion friendly" knee braces out there? it looks like it hasn't been designed yet, but i did find an editorial from dazed and confused magazine featuring kinga rajzak sporting a few floral printed bands. thanks bunny BISOUS for the blog post!







  1. Ouch sounds painful :( these photos are amazing though, love the tops in the first two!

  2. Love these photos LJ! Love the turban-esque head pieces in this editorial.

  3. you should soooo rock the floral knee brace!! you can put your real tensor bandage underneath!!