{ the mod life }

last month's nylon magazine featured an editorial about up and coming young stars decked out in outfits  i would love to add to my closet.  the wardrobe was in ode to mod fashion, which also happens to be the the culture where i derive a lot of my inspiration.  i was also stoked that the photoshoot included some of the actors from another one of my favourite things, the show misfits. {which seriously if you have not watched yet, you have to check it out, xo }

{ cover girl dianna agron of glee }

{ nathan stewart-jarrett who plays curtis on misfits }

{ robert sheehan and ruth negga who play nathan and nikki on misfits }  


  1. ohh i like. so mod, so you!

  2. why thank you! i was drawn like a moth to a fly when i first saw this issue! thanks again for the hard copy ;)