{ geode street art project }

created by designer a common name, the geode street project used paper to make 3D geometric shapes,  that were placed in different spots throughout the streets of LA.  I absolutely love the gold pieces, they are so intricate, and i still cannot believe they were made of paper!


  1. I haven't been on the good old noeud noir in a while and funny that i just pinned one of these pics on interest, i didn't realize it was a whole street art thing. love it!!

  2. yeah i found it on a blog...and kept seeing it pop up! and really love it! i wish they sold them somewhere, i would put them all over my apartment ha ha

  3. wow, I really love this project!
    I am a new follower of your blog, I really like it :)
    have a nice day, x

  4. thanks so much, really appreciate that you like my blog! cant wait to check out yours too! xoxo